Five Year Diary

I just completed my 5 year diary for the years 2015 – 2019. Another 5 years of my life gone! There were chunks of time where I didn’t write, simply because what was recorded in the earlier year was too difficult to read – like when my dog Abbie got sick and passed away. I also lost my dog Cassie, who had been with me and my husband since just after we got married, my father-in-law lost his battle with dementia and COPD and passed away during this time.

I celebrated 18 years of marriage! I really can’t believe it’s been that long – but the evidence is there day by day in my diary.

In the past five years I’ve seen the biggest advances in my career. First getting promoted to a manager and then a director. It took (and still takes) so many days of sacrifice and hard work.

I’ve traveled quite a bit – Europe (Croatia, Italy, Spain, France, Malta), Puerto Rico, Alaska, Washington (Seattle), Texas (Dallas), and lots of little trips around AZ, CA, UT, NV, and NM.

The story of my open heart surgery and recovery; the ongoing saga of my health journey, are captured within the pages of this diary.

This book is filled with my life! I love that I can see threads of bigger stories of my life, as well as the everyday mundane moments. Here’s to the next 5 years! 🥂

~ Tonya

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