October Daily Foundation Pages

I’ve had so much fun over the past few weeks putting together some foundation pages for my October Daily album. These pages give me a place to start so I’m not staring at a blank page on October first and wondering where to begin.

This year I’m creating a 4×4 inch mini album. I just loved this size last year. It ends up being the perfect chunky little album to hold in your hands and flip through.

I like lots of variety of sizes and textures in my albums. I create pages inside and outside the page protectors, I do a lot of messy stitching to give texture, and I love creating pockets because they have lots of tuck spots.

Check out my video below for more fun page ideas!

~ Tonya

4 thoughts on “October Daily Foundation Pages

  1. So dang cute . What page protectors are you using ? I can see Becky Higgins name . Didn’t know she made this size or did you make them to fit your need .

  2. I loved your album last year! You inspired me to create my first October Daily 😃 Can’t wait to see your ideas this year!
    Where did you find the tutorial on your 3 page and 5 pocket pages?

    • You’ll have so much fun creating an October daily! I didn’t follow a tutorial for the pockets, but I’ll be filming a video on how I make them. Happy October 👻🎃

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