2021 Planner Plans

I’ve found the systems that work for me! Dare I say that I’ve reached planner peace?

Here’s a look at the planners and notebooks I’m using in 2021:

Personal Planner – I’m sticking with my personal size ringed planner (I’m currently using a Gillio Firenze Medium Compagna in the color Croco Eye Purple). You can check out my setup video HERE, and learn about my archiving system HERE.

Work Planner – I’m going to continue using a half letter size disc bound planner. I’ve been using this system for two years!

It’s a pretty simple setup. I use 3/4 inch discs and make my own cover and page finders. Here are my sections:

  • 2021 – yearly overview calendar, fold out year calendar for tracking projects (both from Peanuts Planner Co (PPCO)
  • Weekly – Week on two pages from PPCO. Record important due dates, PTO time for me and my employees, plan weekly priorities, track ongoing issues until resolved. Daily task tracker. Use Outlook for all my email, meetings, and tasks.
  • Tasks – Task breakdown for each project I’m working on. I use PPCO checklist pages.
  • Notes – Random notes and scribbles, references info. Inserts are Arc notes pages. I mostly use OneNote on my computer for this.
  • Projects – Quick project reference info. I mostly use OneNote for this, but keep an analog copy here for when I’m traveling or away from my computer.

Work Notebooks – I’ll keep my current system for 2021. I use an A5 size spiral notebook for all of my meeting notes and scribbles. I’m usually talking and sharing my screen in meetings, so I find it easier to write notes than type them up while on a call. I also use OneNote for meeting notes. Anything in my paper notes that I need to reference later will get duplicated in OneNote. I will retype them, which helps reorganize and clarify notes, and then I can share them out to meetings participants.

I use an A6 spiral notebook to write out the specific tasks I want to focus on for the day. I use Outlook tasks to manage my full task list. I use Michael Linenberger’s Manage Your Workday Now (MYN) System. I love this system, it’s really helped me stay on top of my ever growing task list at work. I’ve been using it for at least 5 years.

Diaries and Journals – 2021 will be my twelfth year writing in a daily diary! I’m using a Levenger 5 year journal.

I have quite the collection of Moleskine notebooks. I like to collect the limited edition notebooks. Right now I’m using a Large hard cover ruled notebook in navy blue. It has the words ‘Dolce Vita’ on the front cover. I had it engraved at the Moleskine store when I was in Florence, Italy. It means Sweet Life. I mostly use this for my deep thinking and journaling. Sometimes I add quotes. I’m on journal #29.

This year I really wanted to get back to travelers notebooks (TNs), I was miss using them so much. I decided a TN would be the perfect place to write out my weekly review. I was previously doing this in my journal, but thought it would be nice to have them all together. So far I’m loving it.

What are your planner plans for 2021?