Why I love Project Life

As I’m starting to think about the creative projects I want to work on next year, I can’t help but reflect on Project Life and how much it really does enrich my life, and that’s why I’m going to continue doing this project. Here are the reasons I love Project Life:

I love that it captures my life in a realistic way. Documenting weekly allows me to capture not only the big moments, but the small moments of everyday life; the really happy moments, the challenging times, and everything in between.

I love that it gives me a place to tell my stories in a visual and creative way – an art journal of sorts. It houses my words, photos, and ephemera all together in one book, giving richer context to the story than a photo album or writing journal alone.

I love that it helps me to remember my life. To reflect on and relive moments. To see my progress over time. To see story threads weave in and out of my life at different times.

I love that it gives me things to look forward to, because I like to plan fun things to do “for the book” and be on the lookout for things to put “in the book”. I’ll even step outside my comfort zone and try new things “for the book”. It’s all about “the book!

I love that it can be a place to capture other people’s words and photos too. I like to include notes, cards, text messages, Social media posts and the like from my family and friends. I especially love to include their handwriting or drawings.

I also love the community of like minded storytellers out there. I’ve gotten to meet a few of them in real life over the last year or so. They just get me!

Last, but certainly not least, I love the products! I love buying them and figuring out creative ways to use them in “the book”.